Monday, May 4, 2009

The Four Kings

The Four Kings
Paper cutting using 165gsm paper and penknife
580mm x 580mm

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Its the debut of The Four Kings! This one was fun, supposedly intricate, but my fingers were hurting badly and I just got lazy, hehe. So as you can see each King is in their own element~
The Bird has the feathery motifs
The Fish has the swishy-curly designs to represent water
The Lion being majestic and all has his 'royal' ribbons and lastly
The Deer who has the branches
I really had fun making separate designs for each king and then putting em' altogether.

So a little background info on the Kings:

The Bird- is the King of the Skies, he takes care of that realm and he uses a staff. Originally I wanted this character to be a Queen...but then I'll have to rename this chandelier to '3 Kings and A Queen'. Sounds like a sitcom.

The Fish- is the King of Seas. He carries a globe that holds vasts amounts of water for various uses.

The Lion- King of the West Lands. Uses a rapier. Has been in a quest with The Gun Girl

The Deer- is the King of the East Lands. He uses a sword.

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