Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Paper cutting using 165gsm paper and penknife
490mm x 350mm

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See the big picture? But then you might have to turn it upside down...I tried to make the illusion-thingy but it was an EPIC FAIL. Ok, maybe it wasn't so bad but this one is a paper cutting made by a person who didn't know what he wanted but went with it anyways~ This is what you get.
The idea was to make it look as innocent as possible, but a skull-ish gas mask is revealed when you turn it upside down~ I had no idea what innocent elements to put in, so in came the second idea where I wanted to tackle world issues: poverty, suffering (those sort of things) but then I realized that the skull eyes will get too packed with all the images, and it won't look like a skull no more, so I ended up with cheesy plants and lines that mean nothing. Although I like the hands reachin' out to one another thingy, creepy,no? and kudos if you spot my hand, the one with six fingers, and another one thats giving the finger...hehe.

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