Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Phoenix (work in progress:5 years and counting)

I was digging some of my old works, and look what I found! Its lil ol' Phoenix...Its been sitting around for five years now (I started working on it when I was seventeen). Never got a chance to finish it...Why? Because it sucks the life out of ye'. I ran out of patience cutting out its feathers...and I had to painstakingly paste its feathers one by one onto its frame...but then again, it doesn't sound too bad now...maybe I will finish it one day... I don't know we'll have to see, but imagine if it is complete, I think it'll look stunning! At least that's what I pictured in my head...

The Phoenix
Made using paper and glue
286mm tall

Click on image to zoom

Oh, the ol' memories...I had all the time in the world to finish it...but its old now, its actually turning brown, so if I do continue it...the new feather's will have a different colour...should I make a new one instead? Sighs, I kinda screwed-up the framework anyways.

The Gun Girl

Ola people! This shall be Purely Paper's first official post! Isn't that great? So let me explain to you what Purely Paper is all about. It is another on of my pet projects that will feature works, collaborations and all things related to paper! Simple! Let's start it off with my very first paper chandelier that I did:

The Gun Girl
Paper cutting using 165gsm paper and penknife
515mm x 400mm

Click on image to zoom

Inspired by a dream, The Gun Girl was my first paper chandelier in my Paper chandelier series.The story of the gun-wielding girl is carved onto a flat piece of paper, from how she came to find the relic, to her epic battles and adventures. It took 2 nights to complete. Why I called it a paper chandelier, I do not know, it was never exactly fashioned to function as one, but it was something that I originally intended (something that I have to rethink about). It basically has the chandelier silhouette. I made mistakes along the way but I managed to improvise and I went along with it, and this would be the flimsiest paperwork I have ever done to date, considering it as my first attempt. I have learnt a lot from this one.