Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dandy Lion and Lady Bird

DandyLion and LadyBird
Paper cutting using 165gsm paper and penknife
535mm x 343mm

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This is a collaboration with my friend Chrystal, who came up with the idea, really good one. I just LOVED the concept~ Dandy Lion, Lady Bird, GENIUS. Will be using that as our pseudo-names for this project although not all of them will be made out of paper. And here's the progress shots!

Of course we always start with a sketch~I always use an A2 artblock cause its BIG enough for me to do whatever I want

Armed with my trusty penknife the cutting begins!~tedious process...few minutes in and my index finger start getting numb because I always apply too much pressure

After 2 hours non-stop paper carving and pondering on the design( for last minute changes), it is complete! Now my index finger hurts and so does my back~ouch

A closeup on LadyBird's wings~

A closeup on DandyLion~

1 comment:

  1. What kind of magical penknife do you use?
    I always tear the paper when making a curve on the paper. and it is never smooth like urs.

    Is more pressure better ? or less pressure?
    FUDGE you la . I wanna be able to do that easily too